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The internet has created a uniquely modern problem: abundance. The unstoppable proliferation of nonsense makes finding the most essential information difficult. In this age of disinformation and distraction, Want.News helps you discover what matters by reliably surfacing only the most important links online.

What’s the point?

The point is to get news — not noise. The Want.News Review highlights the most important links online each week. Here, importance is reliably determined by objective and transparent data. Our data-driven approach means we consistently turn up essential material you may never find otherwise.

What’s in it for me?

Each week you will know things about current affairs that you don’t know now. Over time, the knowledge you discover here will improve how you think, what you share online, how you talk with others, and how you navigate life.

Our web app — Want.News — constantly reveals the internet’s most influential links in real-time. On the main site, you can also instantly see what matters most on social media without ever having to sign-in to Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Medium, or even Substack. You no longer need to be subjected to an echo-chamber of targeted ads, attention-hijacking algorithms, geolocation, and biased timelines.

What makes Want.News different?

The difference we make is in what we emphasize: importance. This newsletter does not promise what’s most stimulating, captivating, controversial, or funny — it simply delivers what the data says is most important. This design gives you a snapshot of the internet’s most influential content and the freedom to skim through the most important links to find what’s relevant for you. You end up informed, quickly.

How do you do it?

We use sophisticated tools to scan the entire English-language internet. This objective approach to curation means we don’t need to rely on editors, influencers, pundits, domain names, specific publishing brands, or perceived authority to make guesses about what matters in the world. We can simply look and see.

Our approach accounts for the number of organic backlinks, the uniformity of social shares across platforms, and the speed, persistence, and consistency of reader engagement. Uniform success across these metrics (in real-time) reliably tells the truth about what news and ideas matter in the world, regardless of how you may feel about it. While nefarious publishers may successfully fake their perceived influence with a targeted amplification strategy (like recruiting a link farm for websites or a troll farm for Facebook shares), manipulating multiple independent corners of the internet is next to impossible to achieve (let alone maintain).

Why do you do it?

We believe that making the world better requires an accurate understanding of the world you’re currently in. There is power in understanding what others care to share. There is insight in adjusting what you think is important with what the data says is important. Even in cases where you think content is biased, misguided, or simply “fake news,” it always helps to know what deceptions or narratives are achieving genuine traction in the world. For this, you need a consistent, logical, and transparent way of scanning the internet and ranking its content.

The point of Want.News is to stay connected to the world you’re in — because you can’t navigate to a place you desire if you don’t know where you currently are.

What do I do now?

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