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The internet has created a uniquely modern problem: abundance. The unstoppable proliferation of ideas and information makes the skills of filtering and choosing increasingly important for navigating life. Want.News helps you reliably master these crucial skills of filtering and choosing.

Discover the internet’s shared reality.

What’s the point?

The point of Want.News is to reveal important content online. Importance can be reliably determined by objective data. Our data-driven approach has the added benefit of consistently turning up essential material you may never find otherwise.

What’s in it for me?

By the end of each newsletter, you will know things about current affairs that you don’t know now. Over time, the knowledge you discover here will improve how you think, what you share online, how you talk with others, and how you navigate life.

What makes Want.News different?

The difference we make is in what we emphasize: importance. This newsletter does not promise what’s most stimulating, captivating, or funny — it simply delivers what the data says is most important. This design gives you a snapshot of the internet’s most influential content and the ability to skim through a list of important links to find what’s relevant for you. The result is that you end up informed, quickly.

How do you do it?

We use sophisticated tools to scan the entire English-language internet. This objective approach to curation means we no longer need to rely on editors, social status, domain names, a specific publishing brand, or perceived authority to make guesses about what matters.

Why do you do it?

We believe that making the world better requires an accurate understanding of the world you’re currently in. There is power in understanding what others care to share and there is insight in adjusting what you think is important with what the data says is important. Objective data about backlinks, shares, and the speed and persistence of engagement helps tell the truth about what matters online (regardless of how you may feel about it).

What do I do now?

You should subscribe to the newsletter and share it with others. You may find that you start to rely on Want.News as a key part of your weekly information diet.

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